Kegs and Accessories

Thinking of moving away from bottling and moving to kegging? We can supply you with all the gear you will need so come in and have a chat about options available for your specific needs.

Kegs we supply include:
-New 9.5 Litre Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs
-New 19 Litre Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs

Keg spares we supply include:
-Replacement Cornelius Keg Lids and Silicon O Rings
-Dip Tube and Keg Turret Replacement O Rings
-Cornelius Ball Lock Turrets (liquid and gas)
-Barbed and MFL Threaded Liquid / Gas Disconnects (Plastic and Stainless Steel)
-Universal Poppet Valve Assembly

Keg couplers we supply include:
-A-Type Keg Coupler
-D-Type Keg Coupler

Beer and gas line we supply include:
-5mm x 8mm Valpar Beer/Gas Line
-6mm x 9.5mm Valpar Beer/Gas Line