Beer Yeast

Stocking a wide variety of dry and liquid yeast, whether it be an ale or lager we will have a yeast to suit the beer you are brewing. We stock dry ale and lager yeast from Fermentis and Lallemand. We stock liquid ale and lager yeast from Whitelabs.

Some of the dry beer yeast we stock include:

-Safale US-05
-Safale S-04
-Safbrew S-33
-Safbrew T-58
-Safbrew K-97
-Safbrew BE-134
-Saflager W34/70
-Saflager S-23
-Saflager S-189
-Lallemand BRY-97
-Lallemand Nottingham
-Lallemand Belle Saison
-Lallemand Windsor

Remember, without yeast we can’t make beer, without beer…….let’s not even think of what that dystopian world would be like!