Distilling Consumables

We have a full range of distilling consumables available.

Fermentation consumables we stock include:
-Still Spirits Turbo Carbon Liquid
-Still Spirits Turbo Clear
-Pure Distilling Spirit Enhancer Carbon
-Pure Distilling Crystal Clear Wash Finings
-Dextrose Monohydrate (available in 1kg – 2kg – 25kg Bags)
See our range of distilling yeasts here.

General distilling consumables we stock include:
-Finishing Carbon (500g Bag)
-Still Spirits EZ Filter Carbon Cartridge & EZ Filter Washers
-Still Spirits Air Still Filter Carbon Cartridge & Air Still Filter Washers
-Still Spirits Saddles (Copper and Stainless Steele) & Boil Enhancers
-Pure Distilling Conditioner
-Pure Distilling Filter Carbon Cartridge

Oak Barrels, Staves and Chips we stock include:
-Samuel Willards Genuine Oak Barrel Rum Soakers (100g Bag)
-Samual Willards Genuine Oak Barrel Bourbon Soakers (100g Bag)
-Samuel Willards Genuine Oak Barrel Whisky Soakers (100g Bag)
-Samuel Willards U.S Oak Mini Staves (100g Bag)
-Samuel Willards French Oak Mini Staves (100g Bag)
-Medium Toast 10 Litre American Oak Barrel
-Medium Toast 5 Litre American Oak Barrel