Brewing Starter Kit

If you are thinking of brewing your own beer, cider, ginger beer or many other beverages but don’t really know where to start, look no further than one of our Morgans or Mangrove Jacks starter kits. These starter kits come with all the gear you need to brew your own at home.

The starter kits come with:
-30 litre fermenter
-Temperature strip
-Airlock and grommet
-Mixing spoon
-Sanitizing solution
-30 PET 740ml bottles
-Packet of bottle carbonation drops
-1.7kg beer tin (makes 23L)
-Brew enhancer or dextrose

The beer tin supplied with the starter kits is generally a nice easy drinking lager, for those people looking to brew a different style of beer maybe an Australian pale ale or an IPA, or perhaps a ginger beer or cider, we are happy to change the lager for something more to your tastes.