We stock a wide range of base malts and specialty malts from local and international suppliers. Available cracked or whole,
our grains are available in 1kg bags, 25kg bags or custom amounts by the kilogram. We will crack to order bulk amounts of grain (minimum of 10kg per type) preferably with a 24hr lead time, call or email us if you would like to make a bulk order.

Some of the grains we stock include:
Acidulated Malt | Brown Malt | Caramunich | Crystal Malt | Smoked Malt | Amber Malt | Caramalt | Chocolate Malt
Melanoiden | Rice Hulls | Torrified Wheat | Caramel Hell | Midnight Wheat | Roasted Barley | Unmalted Wheat
Aromatic Malt | Carapils | Extra Special Malt | Munich Malt | Rolled Oats | Victory Malt | Biscuit Malt | Flaked Barley | Rye Malt | Vienna Malt | Ale Malt | Pilsner Malt | Honey Malt | Brown Malt |

Brands we stock include: